Brand New Vendor Grant Application

Brand New Vendor Grant Application

Are you a Brand New Vendor?

We love helping new vendors get started! If you are just starting out and have not sold your products at a market or festival (ours or someone else’s) fill out the Brand New Vendor Grant Application and let us help you get started.

Brand New Vendor Application.

Brand New Vendor Grant FAQ’s

We set aside 5% of all booth spaces at a market for brand new vendors. For example if a market is expected to have 160 vendors we reserve 8 spaces for new vendor grant recipients.

Seven weeks before the market the Our Town Market Staff reviews all of the applications. We then select the best applications in the categories of business idea and product. The staff votes on the best ones and the top applications are selected.

If you put in an application we will notify you by email if you were selected or not six weeks before the market.

The booths set aside for the Brand New Vendor Grant are standard 10×10 booths and they are mixed in throughout the market. The Our Town Market staff will select the location.