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Celebrating Over 4 Years Of Family Fun, Artisan Products, Fresh Produce & Unique Gifts

As a vendor myself it is important to me that our markets encourage Entreprenurial Spirit and help new artisans “break out”. In support of this we keep the vendor booth space price very low. In fact, I have often been asked why it is so low, and the reason is because I believe in helping new vendors and businesses get started. I was once a new artist myself and booth fees can be intimidating and a deterrent if you aren’t sure if anyone is going to like what you make or be willing to pay you for it. I have been lucky to have people in my life that were able to help and encourage me to share my work; I want to be able to do that for others. That is why I founded Our Town Market and why we have booth spaces for $25.

  • Connecting People
  • Building Relationships
  • Supporting Our Local Community
Jennifer McPheeters


Our Town Market Is About Connecting People, building Relationships and Supporting Our Local Community

The town public market is built into the fabric of our country. Buying and selling fresh, local produce, milk, meats, and baked goods along with household essentials like soap and pottery has been essential to daily life since before we were a country. The town public market has also been a place to meet people and exchange ideas. Over the years our markets have evolved but the heart of the market remains the same, connecting and helping people.

Our Town Market is dedicated to creating and hosting markets that capture the essence of bringing people together. Helping local businesses grow and encouraging essential social and cultural exchange.

We believe that micro and small entrepreneurs are critical to our local economy. Connecting them with their community and building their confidence in business is our mission. In support of this we keep our booth fees very low; in fact an entry level table is $25 for a full market. Additionally, we reserve 10% of each market’s booth spaces for new entrepreneurs and community philanthropic organizations free of charge to the vendors selected.

The town public market has and will continue to be a favorite place for people to meet, to socialize, to learn and grow. We invite you to join us in celebrating and supporting our local businesses and community.
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We are currently Looking For Sponsors To Support Memorable Experiences for
our Vendors and Guests.

If you or Your Organization would Like To get involved,
Please Contact Us

Our markets provide opportunities for our partners to get in front of and interact with our vendors and guests. Not by just showing them a logo or a banner that they may or may not remember, instead we connect our partners with our vendors and guests directly through branded experiences with their family and friends. These experiences build relationships and create memories that they will have for a lifetime.

We choose sponsor partners that share our mission and values and have a vested interest in our community.

Your sponsorship will help provide memorable experiences for our vendors and guests, enable us to provide free booths to new vendors and increase our advertising budget so we can reach more attendees to grow guest participation.

Join Us in building relationships, creating memorable experiences and supporting our local community!

We Love to Partner with other organizations
that share our Mission of supporting our local community.

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We set aside 5% of our booth spaces for philanthropic organizations focused on helping our local community. These booths are free of charge. Contact Us and share a little about your organization, mission and values.

We look forward to working with you!
Our Town Market

Brand New Vendor Grant

Are you a Brand New vendor Just starting to put yourself Out There?

We believe in lifting micro and small businesses up. Every Market we reserve 5% of all booth spaces for Brand New Vendor Grant Recipients. These grant recipients receive a free booth, help with their set up and display and a mentor that they can work with and bounce questions and ideas off of. If this is something you would be interested in please reach out and we will send you the application to get started.